White Sugar or Raw? Or Dextrose?

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OVER AT the Home Distillers Club in Facebook, one of our members, Peter, asked the question:

“For a straight sugar wash can I substitute raw sugar for white? I am thinking it would be ok as long as I mix it well…

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There was no shortage of opinions.

Chris said stright out he only ever uses white sugar in a sugar wash, while Stephen said there was no problem but it’ll have a little Bacardi taste to it.

Matthew said he was forced to use raw sugar in his last wash because the shops were out of white sugar.

“I liked it so much I have made my next wash with it and will probably stick with raw sugar, he said.”

“I find it ferments better (doesn’t need a stir mid way through) and to me it tastes smoother and you can kind of pick a back note of the molasses – but I’m no expert!

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He says it takes a little more stirring to get it to dissolve, but his paint stirrer makes short work of it.

“I use it to make gin and it has churned out the best I have made so far!”

On the question of dextrose, Meryl asked if it was okay to replace sugar with dextrose, because the supermarket was out of sugar completely.

We let her know all she needs to do it add another kilogram of dextrose in her 25 litre wash, and she’ll be fine.

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Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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