Sprit Essences Easier, Great Tasting and Consistent Taste

GLOBAL FLAVOURS tastemeister Keith Emms has been in the business of developing quality spirit essences for over 25 years.

Keith has also been a professional chef, which enhances his ability to create, match and augment spirit essence tastes.

Spirit essences also bring consistency to the process, and also they make it so much easier to arrive at your final product.

“Spirit essences have a lot more going for them than just the taste,” says Keith.

As far as consistency goes, in most cases the flavour for spirit essences are extracted from the appropriate natural materials which will deliver the flavour.

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When you have prepared your 40% clear spirit, all you need to do is add the spirit essence flavour of your choice.

As long as your alcohol is consistent every time, your final product will also be consistent.

“You can’t get easier than that – just add the spirit essence you want, and you’ve got your , bourbon, gin, tequila or liqueur, ready to drink,” says Keith.

Keith went on to say that producing a final drink from recipes from peaches or strawberries… or perhaps producing a bourbon from an old family recipe, can indeed produce a mighty fine drinking experience.

“But sometimes things can also go wrong, and all that time and effort has gone to waste.”

If home distillers stick to creating a good, clear spirit, they can add Global Flavours spirit essences and get a spread of drinks from the same run – for example, they can end up with bourbon, , gin and tequila on their shelf, all from the same run.”

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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