Season’s Greetings From Your Baldy Old Mates at Global Flavors!

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WE WISH all our customers, family and friends all the very best for Christmas and a Mighty COVID-free 2022.

But that’s not all.

Coming up in January, 2022, we’re got THREE exciting new products coming for you:

  • NEW! After an increasing number of requests, we’re releasing our new Global Canadian Club spirit essence flavour, a very close taste-alike.
  • Once again, after so many requests, we’ve sourced the best charcoal filtering system in Australia! Superb filtering, even at 95%+
  • We’ll be launching our own superior Liqueur Sugar Base… including a special sugar-free version.

Until next time… mask up, keep your distance, wash your hands and Happy Distilling!


spirit essences, spirit essence, home distilling, liqueur essences

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