PART 2: Zapper’s Global Express Yeast Review – Distilling the Wash

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HERE IS Part Two of John Zapper’s comprehensive review of our Global Flavors’ flaghsip yeast, Global Express, all about distilling his wash.

“Regardless of the type of reflux column still you use (T500 or Pure Distilling) the instructions are reasonably simple: siphon all but the bottom wort into your boiler, add your conditioner and distill as usual.

“Using 6Kg of sugar you should get around the 3.5 to 4 liters of super clean 94% Spirit,” says Zapper.

“Also a trick I was shown is, put a hand full or 2 of glass/ceramic aquarium filter beads in with the wash.

“It keeps it agitated and stops it from burning to the bottom of the boiler and tainting the finished product.”

If You’re Looking for a Distillers Yeast that Leaves the Others For Dead… You’ve Found it!

My Comparative Score Ratings on Brewing Recipes I’ve Tried:

The classic 8kg of sugar to 25 litres of water TURBO YEAST. The first 2 days you will need an extension hose on the bubbler as it will hyper ferment and blow wash out the top. This mix will stink your house out faster than a dog on a curried egg diet.

The end result is a high 5 litre yield with spirit so horrible tasting like metholated spirits. It is only good for lawnmower fuel. Takes 5 days to ferment plus 1 day clearing. My score is 1/10

Using 6kg of sugar to 25 litres of water with TURBO YEAST mix isn’t a whole lot better with the first 2 days still needing an extension hose on the bubbler as it still hyper ferments and blows wash out the top.

After a lot of charcoal filtering the end spirit is just barely drinkable. Takes 2 days to ferment and 1 day clearing. My score 3/10.

Subsequently the wife has banned me from ever using TURBO YEAST again, even in the laundry with the exhaust hose from the bubbler out the window. IT STINKS!

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The Tomato Paste Wash with Lalvin EC-1118 yeast was a bit of a disappointment as it took a month to ferment 7Kg of sugar, however it was self clearing (probably because of how long it took). The end result was a very dry tasting natural spirit. But I can make 3 Tomato Paste Washes with bread yeast in the same time, so my score is only 5/10

The Bird Watchers 6kg of sugar Tomato Paste Wash with bread yeast is my go-to recipe that has a lot less odor than any turbo wash. The wash is almost self clearing (give it a day to sit after degassing) and a reasonably pleasant tasting end spirit, but still benefits from charcoal filtering. My score 7/10

The DADY with Diammonium phosphate – DAP – Yeast Nutrient recipe. If done right, this is the next best. This works best on a lower ABV so only 6KG of sugar to 25 litres. You need to keep the DAP to a minimum or it will take off like TURBO and stink the place out. A reasonably clean tasting spirit however still benefits from charcoal filtering.

I feel this yeast would serve better in a grain mash of some sort. My score 7/10

So Popular it Sold Out, but now IT’S BACK! Global Express Clean & Fast Distillers Yeast

Best of All – Global Express Fast & Clean

The Global Express Fast & Clean Yeast is by far the easiest yeast to use with a gentle but consistent speed of fermentation and a very faint yet pleasant odour of rising bread dough for the first day.

This very pleasant smell then becomes almost undetectable the next day, even inside the house.

The wash is almost self clearing, give it a day to sit after degassing and siphon the wash into the boiler leaving the used yeast at the bottom.

The end result is an extremely clean neutral-tasting spirit that really didn’t need charcoal filtering.

The cleanest and easiest yeast pack I’ve ever used! I’ll be using this again for sure. My score 9/10 (nobody gets a 10/10!)

* * *

Big thanks to Zapper for his sterling efforts in producing this review of our yeast!

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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