ONLY 7 AVAILABLE: Commercial Order Overrun – Scottish Legend Scotch Whisky Spirit Essence

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WHEN KEITH made up an order for one of his commercial outlets, he ran a little too much of the very popular Global Flavours Scottish Legend Whisky Spirit Essence.

Designed to be a taste-alike for Johnny Walker Red when added 25 ml to one litre of 40% alcohol, Scottish Legend is a very popular essence.

The difference between Global Flavours’ standard essence and Keith’s commercial range is that the Global Flavours commercial range is 250% stronger.

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Instead of adding 25 ml to 1000 ml of alcohol, you add 25 ml to 2½ litres of alcohol instead.

Keith’s overrun is only 7 one litre bottles and they’ve available until sold out at $190… a big drop from the true sale price of $225


Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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