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OVER AT the mighty Reddit website a member using the name FireWater recently asked the question, “What happens when there’s too much yeast nutrient in the wash? How much is too much?”

Veteran home distilling expert Sillycyco scored the highest points for his succinct answer: “You can definitely have too much yeast nutrient. 

“Yeast nutrient is essentially ammonia compounds. Too much ammonia compounds lead to too much ammonia in the wash.

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“Not a problem at low ph levels, but once you get above a 6-7 ph, and you have ammonia in your wash which will be a serious (toxic, wash ruining) problem.

“Only use the recommended amount of yeast nutrient on the package.”

ElephantsAreHeavy disagreed. “It would be very hard to get too much nutrients. The only issue is that you would put too much effort and money into preparing your wash. Your yeasties will be happy.”

Luciferprinciple agreed, saying pretty much nothing would happen.

“Many folks boil their used yeast and add it to their next batch. It’d add some bread flavor to the first stripping run, but by the time you do a Polish run you’re good.”

The discussion pretty much then wandered away, talking about raisins.

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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