No Need to Hoard! We Have Yeast & Essences Aplenty

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IN RESPONSE to many requests made by Global Flavors customers, tastemeister Keith Emms today assured everyone that Global Flavors has plenty of stock at this point.

“We are holding a good stock of Global Express Fast & Clean Distillers Yeast and at least 6 months supply of all Spirit and Liqueur Essences,” Keith announced this morning.

“There’s absolutely no need for any form of panic buying.”

In the face of coronavirus lockdowns and social isolation, many Australians have resorting to hoarding things like toilet paper, hand sanitiser and noodles or pasta.

“I would urge Global Flavors customers to just buy what they need for the next month or two, and make sure there’s plenty of stock for our other customers,” says Keith.

No Need to Hoard! Get All You Need at Global Flavors

“There should be enough for everyone… no-one needs to miss out.”

Speaking of sanitiser, Keith said a very good, cheap and effective option is to add 2 parts heads alcohol from the still to one part glycerin.

“Even subsituting glycerin for normal body lotion or aloe vera gel works just fine,” he said.

“But never forget, nothing beats a 20 second wash with good old soap and water.”

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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