NEW RELEASE: Queensland Bundy Rum Spirit Essence Flavour

AFTER EXTENSIVE tweaking, testing and finally a double-header taste testing event, Global Flavours’ tastemeister Keith Emms announced this week the launch of one of home distilling’s Holy Grails – a Rum spirit essence.

Nailing the unique flavour of Queensland’s favourite rum has become a bit of an obsession of Keith’s for some time now.

But Keith’s efforts have now paid off. As he says, “We have some good news for lovers of the ubiquitous Queensland rum.

“The elusiveness of simulating this product become an obsession with me.

“I can finally have confidence in telling you that our newest flavour has been taste tested by dedicated imbibers who only this brand.

“They have proclaimed our Queensland Rum spirit essence ‘spot on’.

Keith explained that using people who only drink the real thing is the most accurate way to taste-test a spirit essence flavour.

“Their brain actually remembers aspects of the taste so they can tell if the drink varies, by even a tiny amount.

“It’s nothing to do with palette, like with wine judges. It’s all about how the brain remembers flavours.”

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Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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