NEW PRODUCT: Grainge Single Malt Whisky Spirit Essence

FOR TWENTY years Global Flavors has built its reputation as a provider of premium taste-alike spirit essences.

But one of our best sellers is our own whisky essence, the popular Grainge Single Malt whisky essence.

Keith Emms, Global Flavors’ tastemeister and essence flavours developer, has always been attracted to the idea of continuing to develop his range of spirit essences unique to Global Flavors.

“I’ve never lost my attraction to developing our own distinctive essences to sell along with our taste-alike range,” Keith said this week.

“I decided to create a new single malt flavour.

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“This meant a prolonged experience of testing and perfecting a unique taste to fit into our stable of excellent products.”

After rejecting a great number of attemps for not being up to scratch, Keith finally decided to test his new Grainge Single Malt with a small group of single malt collectors based on the Gold Coast in Australia.

They are not connected with Global Flavors Pty Ltd or its associates in any way.

While they were all impressed in general with the new flavour, each of them made notes and suggestions for Keith to work on, refining his essence to bring it from really good, to truly great.

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“As a result we are confidently releasing our new single malt,” he said.

“We chose the name Grainge Single Malt, not to be confused with any other alcohol product worldwide.”

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for Global Flavors’ Grainge Single Malt Whisky spirit essence flavour!

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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