NEW Half-Price Shipping to New Zealand

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QUITE A FEW Global Flavors customers live in the Land of the Long White Cloud… New Zealand.

While shipping of our products is free all around Australia, regretfully Kiwis have always had to pay freight.

While we still can’t afford to provide free shipping to New Zealand, we’re announcing today that we’ll go halves or better in all freight there.

We’ve noticed that Home Brew shops in New Zealand are mostly shut, under Jacinta’s new lockdown laws.

No Need to Hoard! Get All You Need at Global Flavors shipped HALF PRICE to New Zealand

So we thought we’d help.

When you check out from our shopping cart and your address is in New Zealand, you’ll see that freight has been added.

We have averaged the freight of a typical order to New Zealand at $36, and since we’re paying half, you’ll see your freight is only $18.

Of course, if you have a bigger order you might be doing a lot better than just getting half.

Earlier this week we shipped a New Zealand order which cost us $48 to ship.

But our Kiwi customer still only paid $18…

BEST EVER Selection of Spirit & Liqeur Essences and MORE shipped HALF PRICE to New Zealand!

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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