How To Make Vodka: A Two-Part Series

I WAS TROLLING through YouTube recently and came across two very well produced videos by Whats4Chow… and thought you all might like to watch them.

Mr Whats4Chow says, “This episode is Part 1 where we’re going to ferment a high alcohol sugar wash.

“In part 2, tomorrow, we will distill it using the stock pot distilling technique.

“Vodka is by definition pure ethanol in water… it has not distinctive smell or flavor.

“However, this only true for vodkas that have been distilled using refraction, or column stills.

“When vodka is distilled using a pot still, or in this case a stock pot still, a portion of the aroma and flavor of the fermented liquid does pass on to the distilled product.

“This will give every different type of pot stilled vodka its own distinctive taste and aroma.

“We are going to make a fermented sugar wash which ideal for producing vodka.

“Sugar wash has become increasingly popular with distillers as it produces no methanol, and insignificant quantities of fusel oils.

“It is the perfect wash for beginner distillers, and especially when using a stock pot still where it is really inconvenient trying to remove heads and tails during the process.”

I hope this provides some interesting viewing and discussion amongst our Facebook Home Distilling Club members.

Especially any members, who, like me, aren’t big fans of turbo yeast!

Until next time… happy brewing!

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