How To Make a Perfect Sugar Wash

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IF YOU’RE looking to make a simple neutral spirit like vodka, using a sugar wash is the best way to go because it’s easy, and provides great results.

There’s no point in paying money for grains and malts. There’s a lot of extra work involved with grain mashes, and a big potential for disappointment if it doesn’t turn out how you wanted it… All that work wasted for no good reason!

Global Flavors give you access to the best yeast available worldwide, and a mighty range of spirit essence flavours. Turn your final neutral into pretty much any spirit you want, and some  fine liqueurs as well.

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What About Other Types of Yeast?

You could muck around with Tomato Paste Wash (TPW) but it’s a whole lot of dicking around, to get a poorer result.

Or you could fall for the trap of using turbo yeasts, but that’ll bugger up your final result, and your missus will make you run your wash in the tool shed because it stinks so much.

Then you’ll probably end up needing charcoal filtering and clarifiers to try and get it to taste any good.

Here’s a great article about yeast writtten by one of Australia’s foremost experts on yeasts and distilling, a real genuine expert called Zapper.

The Never-Fail 25 litre Sugar Wash Recipe

Below is a basic 25 litre sugar wash recipe that I’ve found never failed in the past, for making really good neutral. Just never forget the key two points: Your still MUST be clean, and turbo yeasts will give you a poorer result every time.

Ingredients to make sugar wash for alcohol

  1. You need 7 kilos of white sugar. Some people like to use raw sugar – they say they can detect a slightly sweeter/molasses flavour. Others like to use dextrose, in which case you’ll need 8 kilos, not seven.
  2. Next, you’ll need a sachet of Global Flavors Fast & Clean Distillers Yeast – the only yeast worldwide that’s been bred specifically for sugar washes!
  3. And water. You’ll need 25 litres of filtered water. If you couldn’t be bothered filtering your water, just grab two 15 litre bottles from Aldi and you’ll be set.

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  1. Put 12-13 litres of water into your wash
  2. Add the 7 kilos of sugar
  3. Beat the living Jesus out of it with a paint stirrer on a power drill. This is by far a better way to dissolve sugar. Heating the water up isn’t as good and the extra dicking around is a pain.
  4. Add your sachet of yeast and stir it in well
  5. Top up with the rest of your water, whack a lid with a air-lock onto your wash
  6. Best water temperature is 30°C for perfect results, but Global Flavors Fast & Clean Distillers Yeast will work anywhere from 15°C up to 35°C.

After your sugar wash is complete (stops bubbling), it’s time to distill it. If you’re new to distilling, feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments section below.

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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