How to Get Jack… When You’ve Got No Jack

SOME OF the best fun you can have when you’re home distilling your spirits is to try and replicate one of the major brands, like Jack Daniels Bourbon, for example.

When we asked Global Flavours spirit essences master tastemeister if he knew of any tricks to replicate one of the name brands, Keith had the answer immediately.

“Several of my commercial clients are licensed to sell their finished product,” says Keith.

“To get a very passable imitation of Jack Daniels Bourbon, they mix our Global Flavours Superior Legend Whiskey and Kentucky Bourbon at 50/50, to make their Jack Daniels replica.

“They have been doing it for many years, and it sometimes outsells the two individual base spirits, the Superior Legend and the Kentucky Bourbon.”

If you’re looking for a 2 for 3 deal, buying Superior Legend and Kentucky Bourbon and mixing them together will give you a very fine Jack Daniels taste-alike.

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