How to Build a Better Burger with Whisky

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BURGERS ARE an Australian summertime barbecue favourite for good reason. They’re simple to make, quick to cook, and represent a beefy blank canvas for creative grillmasters.

Especially when armed with a palette of colorful whisky flavours.

Our own Keith Emms offers a Whisky Burger at his regular BBQ luncheons, caramelizing onions, deglazing them with Global Flavors Grainge Single Malt, and then finishing them with butter and another quick hit of Grainge.

“I’m a scotch drinker,” he says. “My intention was to add some smokiness without having [actual] smoke.”

The Whisky Burger comes topped with aged Comté cheese and a shot of Southern Belle Confederate Bourbon on the side, which Keith notes brings sweetness that cuts through the richness of the meat.

“It’s like having dessert with your burger,” he says.

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6 Ways to Introduce Whisky to Your Burger

Whisky Caramelized Onions: Recreate Keith Emms’ burger at home by caramelizing a couple of sliced onions low and slow in clarified butter until they’re the color of mahogany. Deglaze with three tablespoons of Grainge Single Malt. Just before serving, stir in a little more butter and a scant teaspoon of Grainge.

Sauced Sauces: Slather on whisky flavour with jalapeño-whiskey mustard from Sutter Butte’s olive oil or Sosu sriracha, or just whisk a little bourbon into your Heinz mustard — we won’t tell!

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Gooey Goodness: Whisky and cheese go together all the time, including at the grill. Try grilling a top Aussie aged cheddar, while you gently pour some Kentuck Bourbon  over it.

Well-Seasoned: Mix whiskey flavor right into your meat blend with Tasmanian Smoked Salt and a light mix of Jack Burbon. If you’re in a hurry, sprimkle some Himalayan Salt from Coles with some Double Strength Liquid Toasted Oak Smoke.

In a Pickle: Add crunch, salt, and a hint of smoke with Whiskey Sour Pickles from Brooklyn Brine. For those who prefer a sweeter taste, try their Maple Bourbon Bread and Butter Pickles.

Grate Taste: Give your burgers a wallop of whisky flavor right from the grill by burning Genuine USA Toasted Premium Oak Chips sprinkled with Kentucky Bourbon. If you have a little home smoker, use the oak chips in that.

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Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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