Home Distillers Club Member Hits Gold With Beam Oak Recipe

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LOTS OF Global Flavors customers like to experiment with by mixing our Spirit Essence Flavours, Oak Chips, Liquid Oak and our Liquid Smoke in their search for unique tastes.

In response to our article on using our Food Grade Glycerine, loyal customer Tom from Victoria, sent us his quite easy recipe for creating his taste-alike for Jim Beam Double Oak.

Says Tom, tongue-in-cheek: “My version of Jim Beam Double Oak it is fab, but you left it out of your newsletter.”

Tom then gave us the goods…

“I used two litres of vodka made from sugar wash and double filtered.

“I then added 75 mls of Global Flavours Kentucky Burbon and 25ml of Global Flavors Liquid Oak, and finally 25 ml of Global Flavots Food Grade Glycerine.”

Tom then stirred it all very well and bottled the lot.

He reckons it’s as close to Jim Beam Double Oak as you’ll get outside of Dan Murphy’s!

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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