Global Premium Vodka Essence Released After Years in Captivity

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GLOBAL FLAVORS has announced the release of its latest spirit essence: Global Premium Vodka.

After researching for a long time, Global Flavors tastemeister, Keith Emms, has finally settled on a vodka essence that truly deserves its place as part of the Global Flavors product range.

As Keith says, “We’ve have never made a vodka flavour in the past, because I viewed the situation as an oxymoron.

“I mean, how can you add a vodka flavour to what already comes out of your still as vodka?

Keith has always known how to make perfect vodka – use a spotlessly clean still, get your temperatures right, and use Global Flavors Fast and Clean Distillers Yeast.

Release the magic of world class VODKA in your next spirit run

But over time he realised many home distillers weren’t cleaning their stills properly, or often enough.

Even worse, Keith knew they were using turbo yeasts, making it impossible for them to end up with a truly top grade vodka.

“I came to realise that, in fact, very few home disitllers are making a perfect vodka, so I created Global Premium Vodka spirit essence to help them improve their final result,” says Keith.

Here’s the Best Solution to Getting Top Quality, Value Home Distilling Spirit Essence Flavors

Available as of right now, and shipped for free anywhere in Australia… a world class spirit essence to help smooth and embellish your neutral spirit.

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


spirit essences, spirit essence, home distilling, liqueur essences

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