Global Express Fast & Clean Distillers Yeast Exclusive for Global Flavors Customers

INTRODUCING A NEW yeast to the home distilling market – Global Express Fast & Clean.

Global Express Fast & Clean has been developed to produce high levels of superior alcohol without producing unwanted or hazardous byproducts.

Global Express Fast & Clean is a cleaner yeast especially bred for sugar washes with a 3 day fermentation.

  • Compared to other products Global Express Fast & Clean produces a higher quality product in greater quantities per kilo of sugar.
  • It tolerates a large temperature range, and is urea-free so does not produce the dirty byproduct, ethyl carbonate (urethane… a known carcinogen).
  • Highest quality alcohol production
  • Ultra low volatile acidity (VA ) production as well as other byproducts
  • Yeast under stress, read as in 20% A/V produces toxins and off flavours
  • No safe level of urea in food or beverage has been established in global markets
  • Wide temperature range 15°C to 350°C
  • Minimal temperature spike
  • Minimal odour during fermentation
  • Excellent clearing properties
  • Minimum sediment
  • Ingredients Yeast, vitamins, nutrients, salts

Directions for use

A 450 gram sachet of Global Express Fast & Clean makes THREE 25 litre washes. Since the yeast must be used within 48 hours of opening our sachet, you will need to be able to mix 75 litres of wash.

Therefore make sure you have 75 litres of capacity available for your fermentation.

Use a total of 18 kg of white sugar for the sachet. The scientists say use an airlock for best performance.

Using an airlock means you can leave any amount of wash until you are ready to distil, protected by the CO2

We’re selling our new yeast in combination with our spirit essences, so it works out at either $5 or $7 per 25 litre wash, depending on which volume of essence you choose.

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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  1. I think it’s more of a safety thing, where the weather heat overcomes your cooling. I think somewhere it says 27°C is a good option, mate…

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