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OVER THE last few weeks we’ve noticed a big increase in the number of new Aussie and Kiwi eBay members ordering from us.

Thank you one and all for choosing from our wide range of spirit essences.

Going by the repeat orders, you’re all very happy with our range of taste-alikes.

Extremely popular are our Johnny Walker Red taste-alike Scottish Legend Scoch Whisky, our Beam family taste-alike Kentucky Bourbon, another big seller Jack Bourbon, and our ever popular top seller Queensland Rum.

We have even more products on our website, and even better prices, backed by PayPal security, in our website Shopping Cart.

And last, but not least, at Global Flavors you can contact us and talk with real people!

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


Questions about Spirit Essences or Home Distilling?
Phone John direct NOW – 0414 955 743 or phone John 0414 955 743

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