Drinkers Gotta Eat! #5: Check out this Too Easy Beef Cheeks Recipe

MOST GOOD spirits drinkers are also partial to a decent sit-down roast dinner, and here’s one of the best you’ll get, with almost no effort required.

All you need is some beef cheeks, some oxtail, and a couple of zip lock bags.

First, brown the meat in a hot pan, then fill your still pot with water.

Put the meat in some zip lock bags, submerging them slowly into the water until all the air is pushed out, then close the zip

Turn on the pot, get her up to temp and let her run for 24 hours at 75°C with the zip lock bags of meat floating in the water.

Then pull them out and sear the meat in a very hot pan for about 20 seconds a side (don’t forget the edges as well).

My photo shows the meat served with my Mediterranean roast veges in jus… but I’ll leave that recipe for another time.

Until next time… Happy Distilling (and eating!)


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