Custom Kit for Home Distillers: Get Your Spirits Tasting EXACTLY How You Want!

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AFTER A FEW runs, quite a few of our regulars mention in comversation that, while they love our Global Flavors Spirit Essences, they like to tweak their final results. 

Some like to add a little Liquid Oak. Others have experimented with some Toasted Oak Chips.

Or they combine Liquid Oak with Liquid Smoke to get the fine flavour they’re after.

Just about all home distilling enthusiasts take real pride in the compliments they receive, as friends and family taste their latest brew.

Tweaking your final product shows the pride you take in your craft. It makes you unique, as your spirits become distinctive.

That’s why at Global Flavors we’ve combined the three main ingredients used to customise your spirits – Toasted Oak Chips, Liquid Oak and Liquid Smoke.

Now you can get them all in the one package: our Global Flavours Home Distillers Custom Kit.

Tweak Your Home Distilling Spirits with the Home Distillers Custom Kit and Get the Unique Taste You’re Really After

But it doesn’t stop there.

We’ve also dropped the price. A single kit is priced at $80, but we’re letting you have it for $60 so you save $20.

How to Save $55 on Your Home Distillers Custom Kit Purchase

Even better, if you buy two kits, instead of paying $160 you’ll only pay $105 – a mighty saving of $55!

Team up with a mate to buy two… and really save money while you enhance your latest spirits.

Get your taste exactly how you want it!

Until next time… Happy Distilling!


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