Is This Really the World’s Oldest Whiskey?

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WHAT IS the oldest bottle of whiskey in existence? According to a recent listing by the folks at Guinness, it’s a bottle of Baker’s Rye, an 1847 Monongahela Rye owned by Los Angeles Whiskey Society founder Adam Herz.

Yes, you read correctly; this whiskey was distilled during the Polk administration.

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WARNING: Hints and Tips to Avoid Oak Chip Rip-offs

Global Flavours rich USA Oak chips for best quality, colour and taste.

AS WE SAID yesterday, there is a wealth of dodgy oak chip products out there in the market place.

As part of our latest new product range, Global Flavors will aggressively market oak chips with a superior product and sell them at prices to beat most.

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The Difference Between Natural and Natural

OFTEN WHEN the subject of adding spirit essence flavours to clear spirits is raised near devotees of the “all natural” school of thought, you’ll hear someone turn their nose up at spirit essences because they’re “not natural”.

This actually couldn’t be further from the truth… at least at Global Flavours.

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