Here’s Our 4 Scotch Cocktails Collection

Scotch Cocktails

FORGET ABOUT your usual drink; why not try something new? Whether you’re looking for the perfect strong whiskey or just need that little boost in energy before lunchtime rolls around.

Here are 4 amazing scotch cocktails made from our premium products to get those cravings on!

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Coconut Rum Essence Takes Centre Stage at Global Flavors!

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Global Flavors has launched their new Calypso Coconut Rum essence, which is perfect for summertime cocktails. The taste of this delicious rum can also be enjoyed by itself or mixed into your favorite elixir!

Who needs beaches when you have coconut rum? This delicious spirit is the perfect drink for any occasion. Whether sipping on its own or mixing it with your favorite cocktails, you won’t be disappointed!

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This Sugar Syrup Recipe for Liqueurs is Perfect!

GETTING THE right sugar syrup recipe can make all the difference when you’re making your liqueur from the Global Flavours Liqueur Essences range.

“Everyone knows how to make a basic sugar syrup,” says Global Flavours spirit essences tastemeister, Keith Emms.

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