Magic Trick for When Just Drinking Gets Boring

SOMETIMES SAMPLING your brew with a few mates isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s fun to lighten the mood with a few magic tricks. Here’s a ripper!

A coin is placed on a table right in front of your audience. An upturned glass is placed next to the coin. The glass is then covered with a silk or handkerchief and then placed over the coin.

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Nifty Whisky to Water Trick Wins Bets Every Time

DO THIS ANY time you’re in a pub or club and you find someone who doesn’t mind a little punt. And doesn’t know this trick!

Challenge: One shot glass is filled with water and the other with whisky.

The challenge is to get the whisky in the glass that has the water and the water in the glass that has the whisky without using any other containers including your mouth.

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