Bourbon Balls Aren’t Just for Kentucky

Bourbon balls are easy to make—you don’t even have to turn on the oven. And you can customize them with any whiskey you choose.

BOURBON BALLS have everything going for them—whiskey! chocolate! pecans!—yet they’ve remained a regional delicacy, found mainly in Kentucky, for close to a century. 

But over the past decade or so, hundreds of bourbon distilleries have opened well outside the borders of the Bluegrass State, and the delicious treats are now gaining a foothold world-wide.

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How to Turn Your Leftover Whisky Into Vinegar

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Whisky vinegar is easy to make and can add unexpected complexity to both cocktails and food. (Photo by iStock/Drbouz)

VINEGAR CAN be made from apple cider, wine, beer — and whisky. Whisky vinegar isn’t common, but it offers potent flavor and has both cocktail and culinary applications.

And it’s something you can make at home, provided you have the patience to wait for the fermentation to complete. Whether in a non-alcoholic drink, as a base for a shrub to mix in a cocktail, or as an ingredient in the kitchen, whisky vinegar offers new dimensions for enjoying your favorite beverage.

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