How to Turn Your Leftover Whisky Into Vinegar

How to Turn Your Leftover Whisky Into Vinegar

VINEGAR CAN be made from apple cider, wine, beer — and whisky. Whisky vinegar isn’t common, but it offers potent flavor and has both cocktail and culinary applications. And it’s something you can make at home, provided you have the patience to wait for the fermentation to complete. Whether in a non-alcoholic drink, as a…

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Drinkers Gotta Eat #6! Keith’s Ultimate Never-Fail Smokey BBQ Sauce

ANOTHER RECIPE from our Drinkers Gotta Eat series is this powerful smokey barbecue sauce straight from Keith’s kitchen to you. This sauce features Global Flavors’ new Double Strength Liquid Toasted Oak Smoke… the only liquid smoke product you’ll ever need.

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Drinkers Gotta Eat! #4 Poor Man’s Sous Vide Delivers 5 Star Wagyu Beef Cheeks Dinner

FINAL RESULT: Keith’s mouth-watering Wagyu Beef Cheek dish. WHILE IT’S a given that all of us here enjoy a good drink, many of our members also enjoy a slap-up meal. So Keith shared this simple but mighty recipe for some awesome Wagyu No 9 beef cheeks he scored at his local butcher’s.