Canadian Club Landed at Global Flavors

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CANADIAN CLUB Whisky is the latest addition to the Global Flavors range of spirit essences.

Canadian Club Whisky has a fascinating history, enjoying, amongst many other honours, two Royal Warrants from a King and a Queen of England.

Tastemeister Keith Emms took his time with this one, and has now delivered a product Club enthusiasts will surely enjoy.

Canadian Club Rye Whisky Has Arrived After Two Years of Prep!

“For the last couple of years my Number One, John Wright – whom you all know so well – has been urging me to make a Canadian Club essence,” says Keith. 

“The whole COVID episode has certainly bought time in abundance, so I thought I’d make a start, tasting from a bottle of the real thing.

“I am not a large whiskey drinker, however I was completely taken back by the refreshing taste and the smooth finish.

“In fact, I was largely impressed by the total package,” 

Canada’s Good For More Than Just Maple Syrup! Check Out this Canadian Club Essence

As Keith sourced the ingredients he needed, Keith was reminded by an associate that he had worked many years before on a rye whiskey for a large distillery that is no longer with us.

“The rye flavour left a strong impression on me, but would not cut it with the traditional Scotch tasters and their penchant for traditional notes.

Long story short, Keith modified his original base and after most of last year working on it, was very happy.

“I’m delighted with the final result. I used a very refined neutral, filtered with the best carbon I could find.

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“And the result was perfect! I felt I was literally drinking Canadian Club Whisky.”

“I am really happy with the end product on offer to you – just remember, the higher quality your neutral, the closer it gets to the real thing,” Keith concluded.

Canadian Club Whisky Spirit Essence is now available in our Global Flavors website shop.

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