Issue With Band in a Box Reaper DAW Plugin

My Problem

I’m unable to add a Style to my track.

Process Description

  1. I create a new project, then I add a track by Ctrl T
  2. Next, I press the FX button, and the locate and add the VST3 plugin, as shown in your video
  3. When the FX: Track 1 window opens, it NEVER shows me the “Select a style…” option. Not even the very first time I used the plugin (as in Figure #1)
  4. So I click on the style already defaulted — ZZJAZZ.STY
  5. As instructed previously by your Help desk associate, I then choose the Fast Rebuild 
  6. After that, I click the Clear button at the top, to give me all the songs available in my MegaPak purchase
  7. Next, I choose the style I want


  1. The style still remains as ZZJAZZ.STY, and no instrumants are shown (Figure #2)
  2. The Generate button is greyed out and does nothing, presumably because no instruments have been loaded.
  3. Finally, about 2 out of 3 times, it simply goes transparent white and freezes. (See Figure #3).
    I have since been able to ascertain that it’s Reaper that’s freezing here.
  4. Next, I tried using the Reset to Factory Default.
    But all that did was give me yet another error… (Figure #4 below)
Figure #4: There was a problem connecting to Band-in-a-Box. Please restart the plugion and try again.
Figure #1
Figure #2
Figure #3 – Frozen