BEGINNERS GEMS #12: Final Distillation Hints & Tips

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IN OUR 12th Beginner's Gems for Home Distillers, we wrap up our final hints and tips to help you in your distilling processes.

Our previous Beginners’ Gems posts containing helpful hints, tips and techniques for home distillers, include the following:

No spirit comes out of my condenser and the lid pushes off?

There is a blockage in the condenser – When the condenser is removed from the still it should be easy to blow in through the spirit outlet tube.

Any resistance here would indicate a blockage that will most likely be at the back of the nipple that the outlet tube is attached to.

Using a 4mm (1/6th of an inch) flat punch and a hammer just tap the punch up the outlet to push the inside wall of the main condenser away from the back end of the nipple. This should clear any blockage.

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Why is my spirit coming out of the still cloudy?

  1. The wash has not been allowed to settle with excess sediment dropping to the bottom of the fermenter.
  2. You've used some turbo yeast or some other inferior yeast. Use only Global Flavors Fast & Clean Distillers Yeast instead
  3. Fermentation temperature is too high causing the production of unwanted but harmless proteins.
  4. The distilling equipment is dirty or faulty.
  5. The wash is not fully fermented.

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Can I treat the cloudy spirit to make clean spirit?

The usual carbon filtering process will in most cases remove the cloudiness, but a sure way is to redistill the cloudy spirit mixed with water, or, with your next wash.

Helpful Hint: Make sure that you add enough water to ensure that the element will still be covered when all the alcohol has been boiled off.

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Until next time... Happy Distilling!


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